UNI Universal Portable Mod

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Yocan UNI Cartridge Vape Battery

The Yocan UNI Universal Vaporizer is the first and only device of it's kind. Never again will you have to worry about finding a cartridge that fits into your device! The great thing about the UNI is that it has both a height and width adjustment so no matter the size of your cartridge it will fit securely in the device. Have a half-size 0.5ml cartridge? Simply adjust the height up! Have an unusually fat cartridge? No problem! Skinny cartridge? Also not a problem! If you don't always have control over the exact cartridge you buy, the UNI is the perfect device for you! Not only is the UNI the most convenient 510 cartridge battery on the market, but it's made by Yocan so you can rest assured of it's quality and will provide you with a satisfying vape throughout its long life time. In short, if you want a cartridge battery that provides protection, a small discrete package, and great battery life, the Yocan UNI Universal Mod is the battery for you!


  • 650mAh Internal battery
  • 3 Voltage settings
    • Click 3 times to change
  • 10 Second preheat function
    • Click 2 times to activate
  • Height adjustment for any length cartridge
  • Width adjustment for any thickness cartridge
  • Pass-through charging


  • (1x) Yocan UNI Box Mod
  • (1x) Magnetic 510 adapter
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • User Manual

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